King’s Singers concert in Hajdúság

01 KS formal 1Forty-nine years more that two thousand music pieces; more than one hundred fifty records; two Grammy Awards, first performance of more than two hundred contemporary music works; thousands of full-house concerts throughout Europe, USA and the Far-East – these features reflect the status of today’s best a cappella vocal ensemble that made its debut on 1st May in 1968 in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

In spite of the fact that its membership has been changed many times – twenty-three singers alternated over the course of almost five decades –, the ensemble has preserved its unique sound comparable to the tradition of Vienna or Berlin Philharmonic.

King’s Singers are unique indeed since they concerts always meet world-class requirements. Their performances are characterised by enthusiasm, synthony and professionalism whether it be renaisance motets, masses, chansons, choral works from the Romantic era, spirituals, contemporary pieces or pop hits.


19.30 02 June – Kölcsey Centre Debrecen
19.30 03 June – Békéscsaba, Lutheran Small Church

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